Tuesday, 22 March 2016

When Mothers Start Nurturing the Kids

When it comes to raising a child, the actual process starts in the womb of a pregnant woman once the voice of a fetus resonates in her that she can easily hear and recognize it. The soothing voice of a baby for a mother-to-be proves very relaxing for her while the dad’s voice relaxes the baby that he/she slowly becomes familiar with it. In a nutshell, we can say that the child is being started to raise since its birth in the womb while our voices make it tranquil and gratified.

It’s quite natural that as the child grows over the months and years, it began to learn as how to control the emotions, adjust timings for sleep, observe regularity for the routine tasks, answer to voices and able to comprehend the things in a much better way compared to what he can say. Parents’ guidance, comfort, and direction is what that excites and supports the child.

Every child differs from the other in terms of nature, behavior and attitude. What parents need to do is to understand them at every age of life. This is how the parents can best guide their children to make good choices and improve judgmental skills. It’s obvious that a parent’s mind work differently than the children. With respect to parents, they should cultivate good thinking in the children so to make them open minded.

As the child grows, it needs a good nutritious diet. The kid is also required to be trained enough to understand how it can keep the body privacy, cleanliness, and care all together. When kids reach the age of adolescence, it is the parents to guide the children to use kids’ deodorants in the case if they are facing the problem of bad body odor.

In short, we can say that nurturing the kids is a lifelong process, so appropriate guidance should be given to the children.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laurie-hollman-phd/when-do-you-start-raising_b_9447104.html 

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