Thursday, 10 March 2016

Do Dental Floss for Women Seem Ridiculous?

Various dental floss for women has been ridiculed by the Government minister amongst the growing row over gender marketing.

The minister for women and equalities, Caroline Dinenage, made fun at the idea during a Commons debate over various products for women, while some are at higher prices. Ms Caroline initiated the debate by emphasising on the woman’s ballpoint pen that has been made available in “pastel shades”. These have been made an example of a product that has been greatly seen with ridicule. She further added that everybody including her has seen the dental floss, energy drinks, blenders and earplugs of women. The most favourite product that she likes is the men’s and women’s form of unscented deodorant.

Deodorants and Dental Floss
Image Credit - Dentistry

Gender Marketing

Ms Caroline stated that she agrees that clients must be empowered to ask whether there is any distinction between the production costs and the product and whether the manufacturers think that it is easier to induce women to pay more than the men. She explained that customers have the right to ask retailers to clarify why this is so.

The Times newspaper initiated the debate by disclosing that the price of the quality products, clothes and toys for girls and women are greater as compared to the items for boys and men. Most of the largest retailers of the Britain have these gender price gaps including the Boots and Tesco. It has been observed that in one case, the ten disposable razors that are pink in colour have twice the normal price which Tesco is currently charging.

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