Thursday, 31 December 2015

5 Best Kids deodorants That Actually Work

No doubt that inappropriate diet, exercise and sports activities create a lot of bad body odor among the kids. Children reaching the age of puberty usually face increased sweating due to which they encounter embarrassment while they are amongst their pals. Providing appropriate guidance to the kids regarding grooming is the core responsibility of the parents. Children must also be guided about the ways to prevent the body odor and the deodorants that can be used in this respect. Here, we will discuss some deodorants so to let the parents know which the best kids’ deodorant are.

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: This deodorant has seriously gained popularity in the Brooklyn due to the involvement of natural ingredients. No doubt that users are preferring natural deodorants like Soapwalla Deodorant Cream, but they seemed like sticky when used in the summer season after taking a shower. It has a nice fragrance and works perfectly in the winter.

EO Organic Deodorant

EO Organic Deodorant: This is one of the best kids’ deodorant and suits those that smell less. Even though it contains organic compounds like alcohol, water, and lavender oil yet, it doesn’t reduce much smell if your child sweats a lot. You can use it as salt water or a beach spray for the hair, and you’ll find that it will work great. It smells great though you have to reapply it throughout the day.

Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant: As the name indicates, these deodorants are specifically designed for the pre-teen or teenage girls. Fresh Kidz Girls provide all day protection against body odor by fighting with the bacteria that reacts with the sweat and creates a smell. One of the positive features of these deodorants is that they do not leave stains on the clothing.

Best Kidz Deodorant

Fresh Kidz Boys Deodorant: These deodorants are created for a pre-teen or teenage boys keeping in mind that they are usually involved in the exercise and sporting activities. Fresh Kidz Boys provide protection against foul smell for the whole of the day since it holds the capability of combating with the bacteria that creates a smell. All these deodorants have a nice fragrance, tested dermatologically and are suitable for all kinds of skin.

Earth Science Natural Deodorant

Earth Science Natural Deodorant: This deodorant is not fragranced since it is made of natural ingredients like mint, pure rosemary, and lichen plant extract. Earth science deodorant involves a lasting formula that can control smell throughout the day. No aluminum or severe chemicals are involved in it. These deodorants comprise natural smell and are perfect for sensitive skin. 

Monday, 21 December 2015

What to See While Selecting the Safe Deodorant

Whether it’s a kid or an adult, almost everybody sweat. Being a parent, we can easily understand how disgusting and embarrassing it is to sweat particularly when our child is among his pals. We cannot just intensely dislike the sweat since it holds numerous benefits such as it detoxifies our inner body and helps to keep our body temperature normal to 98.6. Even if it’s not a summer season, still our body may sweat as it burns the calories and food that produces heat. To whatever gender you have, nobody likes the wet armpits.

Safe Deodorant for Kids

We all know the fact that the sweat which our body produces contain salts, water, and various fats. The sweat never creates a smell. It is the bacteria present on a body that reacts with the sweat and produces a smell. From the past many decades, we are getting confused between the safe deodorant for kids and antiperspirants. Today, we will decide what to see and select before choosing the product:

Triclosan: An antimicrobial is a chemical that is present in most of the deodorants. The purpose of this chemical is to kill the bacteria that creates an odor. This compound creates health problems because it stores onto the body due to the existence of endocrine disruptor and carcinogen.

Aluminum: Aluminum is involved in every antiperspirant that contains aluminum salts like aluminum zirconium and aluminum chloride. Why antiperspirants are mostly avoided is that this chemical is absorbed into the cells and block sweat glands. The blockage won’t allow the pores to secrete the sweat. Whether deodorants or antiperspirants, the products containing aluminum gets into the blood stream through which it also travels to the brain, thereby causing various health and skin problems like brain disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney problems, breast cancer and various skin allergies.

When selecting the safe deodorants for the children, make sure that they should be free from aluminum and Triclosan compounds. A proper research must be conducted before selecting any deodorant for the kid.

Friday, 18 December 2015

When the Kids Should Start Utilizing a Deodorant

Best Kids Deodorant for Bad Body Odor

Mental and physical health is equally essential for the kids and adults. When it comes to children, they usually experience health issues, particularly in case of sweating. Whether your child is a nine or fifteen years old, they can reek after an extreme gaming. It is not necessary that only teenagers smell. Anybody of any age can experience bad body odor. Body odor basically arises when the sweat is developed onto the body and it reacts with the bacteria that is already present on the skin, thereby resulted in a bad body odor.

Now you would be thinking as to what would be the appropriate time for kids to start using deodorants. Well, it depends upon the gender and puberty. Normally, most of the people link puberty with intense hormones and this is quite true to an extent. Raging hormones influence all glands in the body, involving the sweat glands (according to the sources of teen health). The sweat glands work all the time, which resulted in more perspiration in the teens. So, the best time for using deodorants in kids is the onset of puberty. This is the time when deodorants can fight with the abundant stink in an adolescent’s routine. Perhaps, it is the perfect time when we can teach our younger ones how to maintain good hygiene standards like taking a shower every day, possibly twice or thrice in a day, especially in a condition when a kid is involved in loads of sports and exercises.

Stinking is not only limited to the kids that are experiencing puberty, even your pre-teens can face the same kind of problem when they play and run around. In such a case, continuing body odor must be checked by the doctor to determine whether it is causing due to early onset of the puberty or perhaps it is occurring because of a metabolic problem. In actual, the body odor is just a smell that arises in the kids due to a lot of gaming activities and this can be ruled out quickly from frequent bathing.