Tuesday, 22 March 2016

When Mothers Start Nurturing the Kids

When it comes to raising a child, the actual process starts in the womb of a pregnant woman once the voice of a fetus resonates in her that she can easily hear and recognize it. The soothing voice of a baby for a mother-to-be proves very relaxing for her while the dad’s voice relaxes the baby that he/she slowly becomes familiar with it. In a nutshell, we can say that the child is being started to raise since its birth in the womb while our voices make it tranquil and gratified.

It’s quite natural that as the child grows over the months and years, it began to learn as how to control the emotions, adjust timings for sleep, observe regularity for the routine tasks, answer to voices and able to comprehend the things in a much better way compared to what he can say. Parents’ guidance, comfort, and direction is what that excites and supports the child.

Every child differs from the other in terms of nature, behavior and attitude. What parents need to do is to understand them at every age of life. This is how the parents can best guide their children to make good choices and improve judgmental skills. It’s obvious that a parent’s mind work differently than the children. With respect to parents, they should cultivate good thinking in the children so to make them open minded.

As the child grows, it needs a good nutritious diet. The kid is also required to be trained enough to understand how it can keep the body privacy, cleanliness, and care all together. When kids reach the age of adolescence, it is the parents to guide the children to use kids’ deodorants in the case if they are facing the problem of bad body odor.

In short, we can say that nurturing the kids is a lifelong process, so appropriate guidance should be given to the children.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laurie-hollman-phd/when-do-you-start-raising_b_9447104.html 

Daily Use Products That May Comprise Lead

Everybody says that polluted water holds the lead while this is not the only method of getting exposed to lead. Unbelievably, this poisonous metal is used in a broad array of those products that we think are harmless.

There is no doubt that one-time exposure to such products cannot create a problem, particularly when they are used at low levels. But frequent use over time in the form of several sources can really create a threat, specifically, when they are used by the youngsters whose organs and brains are in a mode of development and to pregnant and nursing women. Here we will discuss some products that we regularly use and are exposed to lead.

Home Dust: Most of us (whether known of this fact or not) use lead based paints on the doors, walls and around window frames, so they have a contaminated dust containing lead. No doubt that parents forbid a child to eat the dust, but that can stick to their hands while crawling on the floor. That fine dust particles can be inhaled or even get into their food.

Deodorant and Beauty Products
Image Credit - Care2
Water Pipes: It is not necessary that the water is contaminated. The pipes from which it passes can be soldered with a lead that can discharge lead in tap water.

Paint: Whether it’s an office, school, home or any industrial building, the paint used nowadays on the doors, walls and window frames contain lead and is utilized both inside and out of the building. Even the children’s toys comprised lead-based paint that was banned in the United States in 1978.

Imported Hard Candies and Canned Food Items: There is no doubt that the US has banned the food products being canned in the lead soldered tins, but most of the other countries are using the same kind of containers. Even the imported candies bought by the children are wrapped in the wrappers that contain some amount of lead.

Lipstick, Eyeliner and Deodorant: Eye liner, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, etc. are the commonly used items among all age groups. These products may comprise a high quantity of lead. Studies have shown that lead is being used in the lipsticks over the years. Be cautious if you are using products that have been imported from India or Middle East as they mostly hold the lead. Likewise, certain powders are used as a deodorant to remedy the problems that exist in the children which include high levels of arsenic and lead.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Natural Deodorants – Should You Try – What to Know for New Brands

There is no doubt that we have learned a lot about the personal care products; still there are many more things that we should know. Most of us would like to know about the trend that is gaining a momentum. Popular celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba have promoted the trend for the women who are always in search of the products that can give them a more natural lifestyle.
We all know that every natural deodorant comprises different ingredients and are not created equally. This is the reason why we have found the best brands so to save your time regarding search and assist you to take appropriate decisions.

While shopping for the natural deodorants, you need to know the following points:

Give a Try at Home: It’s natural that new things always brings excitement. When buying the newer products particularly natural deodorants, try them out in a personal setting. Whether you are chasing your children or busy in home-based tasks, the testing of a new deodorant at home won’t make you feel embarrassed if it doesn’t work.

Keep Your Thinking Broader: Initially, natural deodorisers were considered useless in the case if somebody is experiencing a strong body odour. In current time, new amazing natural deodorants are being manufactured that give a pleasant surprise in all circumstances. What you need to do is just give them a shot.

Try Try Again: It may happen that you would have tried numerous natural deodorants but couldn’t get the desired results. For this, we can say that if you do not succeed at the first attempt, try try again. Just like not all beauty products match every skin type, likewise, not all natural girls' deodorants can work for you. You may switch to another brand if you feel that the current one is not working.

Here, we are giving some most favourite natural body sprays. It will be worth if you’ll give a try.

Natural for Her by Herban Cowboy Deodorant

Natural for Her by Herban Cowboy Deodorant
Image Credit - Today Style

Kiss My Face Natural Deodorant Liquid Rock Roll-On

Kiss My Face Natural Deodorant Liquid Rock Roll-On
Image Credit - Today Style
Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant (*Extra Strength, All Day Protection)

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant
Image Credit - Today Style
Fresh Kidz Roll-on Deodorant

Fresh Kidz Roll-on Deodorant

Do Dental Floss for Women Seem Ridiculous?

Various dental floss for women has been ridiculed by the Government minister amongst the growing row over gender marketing.

The minister for women and equalities, Caroline Dinenage, made fun at the idea during a Commons debate over various products for women, while some are at higher prices. Ms Caroline initiated the debate by emphasising on the woman’s ballpoint pen that has been made available in “pastel shades”. These have been made an example of a product that has been greatly seen with ridicule. She further added that everybody including her has seen the dental floss, energy drinks, blenders and earplugs of women. The most favourite product that she likes is the men’s and women’s form of unscented deodorant.

Deodorants and Dental Floss
Image Credit - Dentistry

Gender Marketing

Ms Caroline stated that she agrees that clients must be empowered to ask whether there is any distinction between the production costs and the product and whether the manufacturers think that it is easier to induce women to pay more than the men. She explained that customers have the right to ask retailers to clarify why this is so.

The Times newspaper initiated the debate by disclosing that the price of the quality products, clothes and toys for girls and women are greater as compared to the items for boys and men. Most of the largest retailers of the Britain have these gender price gaps including the Boots and Tesco. It has been observed that in one case, the ten disposable razors that are pink in colour have twice the normal price which Tesco is currently charging.