Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Daily Use Products That May Comprise Lead

Everybody says that polluted water holds the lead while this is not the only method of getting exposed to lead. Unbelievably, this poisonous metal is used in a broad array of those products that we think are harmless.

There is no doubt that one-time exposure to such products cannot create a problem, particularly when they are used at low levels. But frequent use over time in the form of several sources can really create a threat, specifically, when they are used by the youngsters whose organs and brains are in a mode of development and to pregnant and nursing women. Here we will discuss some products that we regularly use and are exposed to lead.

Home Dust: Most of us (whether known of this fact or not) use lead based paints on the doors, walls and around window frames, so they have a contaminated dust containing lead. No doubt that parents forbid a child to eat the dust, but that can stick to their hands while crawling on the floor. That fine dust particles can be inhaled or even get into their food.

Deodorant and Beauty Products
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Water Pipes: It is not necessary that the water is contaminated. The pipes from which it passes can be soldered with a lead that can discharge lead in tap water.

Paint: Whether it’s an office, school, home or any industrial building, the paint used nowadays on the doors, walls and window frames contain lead and is utilized both inside and out of the building. Even the children’s toys comprised lead-based paint that was banned in the United States in 1978.

Imported Hard Candies and Canned Food Items: There is no doubt that the US has banned the food products being canned in the lead soldered tins, but most of the other countries are using the same kind of containers. Even the imported candies bought by the children are wrapped in the wrappers that contain some amount of lead.

Lipstick, Eyeliner and Deodorant: Eye liner, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, etc. are the commonly used items among all age groups. These products may comprise a high quantity of lead. Studies have shown that lead is being used in the lipsticks over the years. Be cautious if you are using products that have been imported from India or Middle East as they mostly hold the lead. Likewise, certain powders are used as a deodorant to remedy the problems that exist in the children which include high levels of arsenic and lead.

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