Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What to do When Feel Body Odour in Children

In today’s time, children just love to play outside with their buddies regardless of what weather is currently going on. Particularly in the hot summer season, kids have to face the most odour when they get highly involved in exercises or sporting activities. In some cases, the children reaching the age of puberty start undergoing certain changes in the hormones and glands. As per the research conducted by the paediatricians, too much body odour in children is a symbol of early onset puberty which means that it is the medical condition that requires appropriate treatment from the doctor. The study also reveals that unless other symptoms of early puberty exist, the kid’s body odour is nothing to be bothered about. It may happen that the adrenal glands mature earlier which is causing the body odour but that doesn’t require any medication.

Image Credit - Medical Daily
Several theories have been created as to why today’s kids are more facing the issue of bad body odour and early onset puberty. According to the researches, higher body mass index or weight usually results in an increased level of leptin in a growing child that generates the start of puberty. In the past, children used to seem slimmer since they used to be quite involved in sports but these days, due to the availability of the play station, video games and smartphones, the concept of exercise and intake of healthier diet has reduced due to which children are getting bulky. Some theories suggest that during these days, children are under nervous tension and this strain is becoming a major reason of the starting of the early puberty. Numerous theories have revealed that there is a strong relation between the body odour and the use of certain chemicals. Today’s environment is continuously disturbing the endocrine due to the presence of chemicals while synthetic environmental estrogens are used in household products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, plastics and industrial chemicals.

Currently, our food is becoming less natural and purified due to the increased use of chemicals, preservatives, additives and synthetic flavours and colours. All these aspects greatly contribute to the bad body odour in kids.

So, being a parent, what you can do for the kid’s bad body smell? The best way is to suggest the mild deodorant as a contrast to the antiperspirants. Keep in mind that sweating is healthy as it secretes the toxic elements from the body. Antiperspirants block the skin pores which results in no secretion of the sweat. Prefer to use the natural body sprays, probably the aluminium free deodorants and the ones that are free from triclosan, parabens or propylene glycol. Such steps can help a great deal in reducing the foul smell in children.

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