Friday, 15 January 2016

Use of Excessive Deodorant Proved Fatal for the Teenage Boy - Inquest Finds

A 16 years old boy who was enjoying vacations and now preparing for his college that was going to start after a few weeks died due to the inhalation of the butane gas.

A teenager who was residing in Kent expired after breathing the gas from a deodorant that he was spraying to himself, as per the investigative results. The guy named Thomas Townsend used to utilize a huge amount of body spray in order to stay fresh instead of taking showers, as the Folkestone inquest told.

His fatality occurred last year on August 29, at Red Lodge in Millfield, Folkestone. Lucy Banyard, a staff member, found his body on the landing, outside his room at around 6.30pm. Medical assistants were called on to provide first aid, but they remained unable to revive him. Police investigative officers afterwards found 42 tins of body spray products in his room that were all emptied.

Image Credit - The Telegraph

Thomas’s mother Sally Townsend told that the boy was not habitual of taking the regular showers due to which he used to utilize the deodorants or body spray around half the can at a time. Then, an aftershave was used to hide the body odor. His mother also informed that he was a big collector of these products.

Pathologist Dr. Kareem Aboualfa stated that the death took place because the butane gas was inhaled and it circulated throughout the body due to which the boy collapsed. No drugs or drink had been found in the Thomas's system. According to the investigation, the boy had no intention of giving any harm to himself.

As per the statement given by the Coroner Rachel Redman, the boy scattered a spray all over himself due to which he expired as a result of the effects of the gas.

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